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Introduction to AR Industries

After being in the Firearms Industry for over 50 years, we started this company. Our owner worked as the Controller for several large firearm dealers (DTT, DD, OTD, & MMC). She decided that she could make her business more efficient, making her customers happier. 

We are not aligned with the above companies, even though we are near their locations. We strive to offer quality parts, fast order processing, and better customer service. 

We love our customers and feel that they should be happy with their purchases. We offer a wide range of AR products and Full Firearms. With your added support, we can provide more of a selection of quality products. 

We also appreciate customer feedback! We want to know what you think about the products you purchase. With this feedback, we can stop selling problem products and continue to carry products that make you happy with your builds!

Come and visit our website today!

29 Responses

  1. Haven’t made a purchase yet but I’m definitely going to keep AR Industries In mind when I can save up enough to buy my next AR.

  2. It’s AWESOME that your company cares as much as yours does, many companies just care about the bottom line.

  3. Haven’t “pulled the trigger” yet, but I’ve definitely got my eye on the 410ga as a potential addition to my AR family.

  4. As a Veteran, I appreciate your business philosophy and your products… If I could buy all I want!

  5. Great online store. Just a note: I tried to find your company on Instagram just searching for AR Industries and there were a lot search results. I would suggest doing something to make your Insta page stand out in search results. I found your page another way through your linktree, but I am just saying to make it easier for others searching for you.

  6. At some point, I’ll get a 300BLK build going for a suppressed deer rifle. Should tide me over until 8.6 becomes more prevalent.

  7. I like the products you carry, while I haven’t yet purchased, when I make up my mind on the next build I will be making my purchases then

  8. I just found this website for parts for my AR. I am glad to add it to my list of companies to go to.

  9. The great thing about build an AR is it requires a few hand tools, a place to work, and minimal experience – NOTE: Buy quality components!!!

  10. I am glad to see that a company is interested in customer service. There are too many companies out there that think they are too good for their customers, providing either non existent or surly remarks when contacted by customers. Thanks for doing what you are doing.

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