Introduction to AR Industries

After being in the Firearms Industry for over 50 years, we started this company. Our owner worked as the Controller for several large firearm dealers (DTT, DD, OTD, & MMC). She decided that she could make her business more efficient, making her customers happier. 

We are not aligned with the above companies, even though we are near their locations. We strive to offer quality parts, fast order processing, and better customer service. 

We love our customers and feel that they should be happy with their purchases. We offer a wide range of AR products and Full Firearms. With your added support, we can provide more of a selection of quality products. 

We also appreciate customer feedback! We want to know what you think about the products you purchase. With this feedback, we can stop selling problem products and continue to carry products that make you happy with your builds!

Come and visit our website today!

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