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All About Radikal Arm’s Bullpup Shotgun

When I decided to carry Radikal’s shotgun line, I was intrigued by the odd design of their NK-1 (Bullpup). So as soon as I could get my hands on one, I took it out and shot it. I am a smaller framed woman so shooting a 12-gauge shotgun usually results in sore shoulders. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the way this gun fired. It is shorter in length than the traditional shotgun so I was able to hold it to my shoulder more securely. The magazine holds 5 rounds and detaches easily. This makes reloading easy, compared to a traditional tube-fed shotgun. 

I also liked that the trigger is not like a traditional shotgun trigger. It is designed more like a milspec AR trigger, but has a pull of 7-5 lbs. This feature makes it fast and pretty precise, especially for follow-up shots. 

I noticed that almost everything is ambidextrous on this gun, which is nice because I shoot with both hands. The only downfall to this gun for me is that the safety selector switch is small. My smaller fingers had a harder time switching it to fire. 

This gun comes with a set of flip-up sites that mount on the Picatinny rails, two 5-round magazines, an adjustable cheekplate, and several chokes. In my opinion, this shotgun offers a lot for your money!

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