We Want to Know What You Are Looking For!

In the firearm world, there are so many options for building. As such we try to offer a wide variety of products that we feel customers want. 

We want to know what you are looking for. If you have a product and don’t know where to look, email in and let us find it for you! (customerservice@arindustriesllc.com)

In addition to this, we want to see your builds. We have a “builds” section on our Instagram where you can upload a picture of your build and see what other builders are building. 

Because we love building, we want to pass our knowledge to others. We have developed a new concept called the “Builder’s Club.” This is a service that helps people learn how to build firearms as well as troubleshoot any problems that they might have along the way. As a bonus, there is a discount with each purchase placed with us! 

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