To 2022!

Hello (almost) New Year!

New website, new products, new ideas

Thank you for checking us out and giving us the opportunity to show you we strive to be better than the other gun sites.  While the modern aggregate sites make it very easy to price out branded products, we try to add to that value, but also try to be a step up in how we operate.

At the moment, we are able to provide SAME DAY handling on almost every single order.  We are committed to always sell items we have in our hands, and ship them out as fast as we are able to, hopefully maintaining same or next day service going forward.

AR Industries is seeking to be the key leader in all things AR parts, while branching out to other platforms, such as AK, Shotguns, Pistols, and other things we find interesting! (and we are always open to feedback on other things you want to see us source.)

We strive to deliver quality product at affordable prices.  Sometimes quality means American made, sometimes things are imported from Turkey, Italy, Greece, Germany or other countries as we find items, especially firearms and ammo!  "Cheap" AR parts for the most part are imported from Taiwan and other parts of Asia, and while we believe as most other fellow Americans, in America first, whenever possible, it becomes difficult when trying to serve multiple levels of the market.  We will never take away the option for those people that want to be able to build a rifle for less than a cost of an iPhone, while also helping people build the best possible firearm the market has to offer.

Please let us know what we can do better.  This business survives because of you and the people you share our website with.  We appreciate you, your support and please consider supporting small businesses even when the big box stores may be a penny less.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!




Date 1/3/2022

Let's go Brandon! Wish you guys a happy New Year

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