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AR-10 = LR-308?

Does AR-10 and LR-308, equal the same rifle?

Short Answer?  No.

LR-308 and AR-10 are both popular semi-automatic rifles, but they have some key differences.

Origins and Manufacturers:

LR-308: The LR-308 is a trademarked designation for a .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO caliber rifle platform manufactured by the company DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) Panther Arms. However, due to the expiration of the original DPMS patent, other manufacturers produce similar rifles under different names, such as the Aero Precision M5 and the Mega Arms MATEN.

AR-10: The AR-10 is the original design that pioneered the concept of an “AR” (Armalite Rifle) platform. It was developed by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s and manufactured by Armalite. Today, various companies produce AR-10 rifles and components, including Armalite, DPMS, Rock River Arms, and many others.


LR-308: The LR-308 is not fully compatible with the original Armalite AR-10 design. It utilizes a DPMS Gen I pattern, which features a high-profile receiver height, a longer receiver extension, and a few other proprietary components.

AR-10: The AR-10, as originally designed by Armalite, follows a specific pattern and is not compatible with the DPMS-style components. However, it has become a somewhat generic term to describe a .308/7.62x51mm AR-style rifle, and manufacturers often produce rifles with varying degrees of compatibility with the original design.

What about Gen 2 LR-308?

DPMS has made several variations and updates to the LR-308 platform over the years.

Upper Receiver Design: Earlier versions of the LR-308 often featured a high-profile receiver design, similar to the Armalite AR-10. However, newer models may incorporate a low-profile receiver design more commonly found in AR-15 rifles. This allows for compatibility with a broader range of AR-15 components.

Barrel Compatibility: Older LR-308 rifles may have used a proprietary barrel extension design, which limited the compatibility of barrels from other manufacturers. Newer versions may adopt a standardized barrel extension, making them more compatible with a wider range of barrels.

Magazine Compatibility: Early DPMS-pattern LR-308 rifles used proprietary magazines specific to the DPMS Gen 1 pattern. However, as the platform evolved, many manufacturers have adopted the more standardized SR-25/DPMS Gen 2 pattern, which provides greater magazine compatibility options.

It’s important to note that the LR-308 is a generic term used to describe rifles following the DPMS pattern, and variations can exist among different manufacturers. If you are considering a specific LR-308 model, it’s recommended to review the manufacturer’s specifications and consult their documentation for accurate and detailed information about the particular rifle you’re interested in.

Hopefully this does not make it more confusing!! We are always happy to answer any questions!

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