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Elections and guns

What other Constitutional right is under constant threat than the Second Amendment?

While rights like the Freedom of Speech, and Voting rights, among other amendments, are constantly evolving.  None of those seem to be targeted as directly as guns and our right to self-defense.  With Democratic candidates for office flatly stating that they will “come and take them,” it seems that freedom is up for question. Why does this seem to be the case?  Do the people with armed security around them really want guns to go away?

What are you left to do if your right to self-defense is taken from you?  Depend on the state to protect you, it seems. The time of personal responsibility seems to be waning, and if one takes a cursory look, it is almost like gun owners, generally, are more responsible humans.  I carry a firearm for the only reason of protecting life, whether mine or others’.  I do not need to outsource that responsibility to the government.  However much they try to instill fear or worry, I will never give up that right and responsibility, and I hope you believe the same!

Like clockwork, fear-mongering from the talking heads increases during every election cycle.  It is almost like gun violence, immigration issues, inflation, gas prices, and war (while they are all always an issue) seem to increase in volume.  It almost gets tiring reading about the problems the government creates that it then has to solve.  If I could give advice to my fellow voters and had the credibility to do so, I would say, “always vote against the incumbent.”  But perhaps that is the contrarian in me.  My only bellwether against the encroachment is to increase my self-reliance.  What would your advice be?  What do you do to weather the BS?

What it means for you.

Personally, for a while, I became jaded at anything politics.  Unfortunately, working in the gun industry, you must keep an eye on what’s happening.  Example:  The ATFs recent rule change making it so you cannot sell 80% receivers with jigs, effectively legislating companies out of business (You were great to work with for so many years, Poly80!) So take my jaded, ignorant opinion of someone who has been in the gun industry for a decade:  vote, grow your food (it is like growing money!  Best hedge against inflation.), and invest in material, durable goods, like physical gold, guns, and ammo, food, etc.

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  1. unfortunately there are people who believe in utopias where unicorns fart rainbows, but the cold hard reality is there are BAD people, there have always been bad people, and there will always be bad people. if it were truly about protecting life, they would be banning Chevys to protect us from drunk drivers. Its not about safety, its not about protecting life, its about shoving their ideas down people’s throats, and to do that, they need us disarmed.I will never give up my freedom, I will protect my family and neighbors and friends to the death. I honestly believe the political climate is changing, and the evil people are going to be sent packing.The Framers were VERY wise! they gave us the 2nd amendment to let us protect the rest of them and the whole constitution.

    1. Thanks for your comments and I agree with you 100%, the Framers were very wise indeed in the manner in which the 2nd Ammendment is written, i.e. 2A does not bestow the right on citizens to bear arms, it confirms the right to bear arms is/was pre-existing and that the government has absolutely no legal authority to remove our right to bear arms.

  2. I hope you all are placing your ultimate trust in Christ Jesus. Men, and their governments will always let you down – even turn on you. We should all participate in the democratic processes afforded to us in this Republic, but please don’t lose sight of the fact that honoring God comes before all other things. Don’t allow preparation to become hoarding. The Lord always provides for His children. Search your hearts and make sure He is truly your Father, for if He is, you have no need to fear anything.

  3. I will not give up my 2nd amendment rights! I am 81 years old and it is very hard to watch what this Democratic government is doing to the people of the United States.However the upcoming mid-terms will hopefully put them in their place although I would rather see impeachment and prison for many of them.
    The Democrats have brought a massive increase in crime while police stand by and watch and the law letting them out to continue more crime and murder.Just writing this is getting me worked up.I carry ALL the time what I think is the best self defense weapon available and that is an FN57x28 !!!!!
    I was the victum of a home invasion while living in Costa Rica and was faced with four armed masked men and my gun was only four feet away which was four feet to far.The lesson that I learned is if the gun is not in your hands then it is worthless ! I could on with variations on that but……………Ed

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